Hiking and canyoning in Pelion!

Both Tsagarada and the area of eastern Pelion are ideal places for hiking on trails through chestnut and beech tree forests. Come to visit and enjoy with us the joy of hiking, meeting the history and tradition of the area, through an ideal natural environment full or colours, like bright green and Aegean blue that make us travel. You can follow the trails that we can suggest you or we can plan together your hiking trip.

Canyoning in the mountain of the Centaurs (Pelion)

Have the most exquisite experience of your life. Let yourself in the myths and the unique world of the canyons. Let the magic and the beauty of nature to enrapture you by learning canyoning with the help of the best instructors and let them offer you a rare life experience.

Come with us and feel your adrenaline rush while you are doing canyoning in the wonderful mountain of Centaurs! Swim in lakes that nobody has ever seen before, jump off cliffs, dive and slide in a magnificent enviroment. Your only task is to choose the difficulty level that suits you. Through our suggestions, you will meet the sport’s true dimension, beyond anything usual, in a virgin and natural environment.

For many extreme sports’ fans, canyoning is the top of the outdoor activities, as it combines hiking in a wild landscape, swimming in a river or descending waterfall cliffs (rappel), with the use of special equipment. Diving in cool waters, getting dizzy by the height, hiking among huge vertical rocks and through narrow passages as well as the compelling beauty of the canyon make its traverse one endless, authentic adventure for demanding people who seek for intense experiences.

If you love adventure and you want to escape from everyday’s stress, you should follow us and let us introduce you to onother way of living, the one of Extreme Sports and adrenaline.

We must also remark that in the region of Pelion our choises are multiple, since the mountain lavishly offers us many beautiful canyons like:



Mega Galanorema

Megalos Vrahos




Mountain Escapes” is the only company of alternative tourism in Greece, which runs through the global organisation Canyoning ICOPRO. In that way, from your very first trip you are becoming a member of a global organisation with the equivalent certification.

Terms: The participation of more than two persons.

Cost: 50 euros per individual.

Time: Everyday of the year (depending on the season and the team, we choose different canyons because of the water amount)

What you must have with you: towel, a pair of shoes (which will get wet) and a bathing suit.

Our center will provide all the necessary equipment (helmet, full neoprene uniform 5mm, safety belt, canyoning pack and waterproof canister).

For more information ask at the reception of our company or get on to us:info@mountainescapes.gr, 2428077222, 6932418001, whats up mobile line6973314608.

Head manager: Soulis Apokremiotis

Instructor of the global organisation ICOPRO.

Safe canyon descents with responsibility and experience since 2004.




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